SJ Leisure/Dress to Party new unit

SJ Leisure/Dress to Party have had an exciting time so far in 2014 as we have started to move into our new business premises in St Helens, Merseyside.

We are moving into an industrial unit which is more secure, more spacious and more customer friendly.

Our inflatables and fancy dress costumes and accessories will be available from these premises.

Keep checking in on our blog and website to see when we are open.

SJ Leisure/Dress to Party new industrial unit in St Helens, Merseyside.

SJ Leisure/Dress to Party new industrial unit in St Helens, Merseyside.


SJ Leisure/Dress to Party new industrial unit in St Helens, Merseyside. This is our showroom being constructed.

SJ Leisure

Spring half term offers from SJ Leisure

SJ Leisure are offering some fantastic deals for bouncy castle hire during your childs half-term holidays.

SJ Leisure cover the majority of the Merseyside and Greater Manchester area including places such as St Helens, Wigan, Warrington, Widnes, Leigh, Liverpool amongst many others.

We have offers during the period Friday 14th February 2014 until Monday 24th February 2014.

Our most popular offer will be our discounted midweek hire rate, we have a selection of 12×15 bouncy castles which are perfect for children upto the ages of 12/13.

These bouncy castles are available from £30* and are delivered between 8am and 10am and collected between 5pm and 7pm.

All these bouncy castles feature a built in rain cover so that users can enjoy the inflatable in almost all weather conditions.


12x15 Mickey Clubhouse bouncy castle available from just £30*.

12×15 Mickey Clubhouse bouncy castle available from just £30*.


12x15 Monsters High bouncy castle. Available from just £30*.

12×15 Monsters High bouncy castle. Available from just £30*.

12x15 WWE Wrestling bouncy castle. Available from just £30*.

12×15 WWE Wrestling bouncy castle. Available from just £30*.

* Delivery fee may apply.

2014 Important Dates

2014 looks set to be an important year in the UK calendar and there is many fantastic events to look forward to including; Easter, Summer holidays, Super League, World Cup 2014, Bank holidays and the Commonwealth Games to name a few.

We will be updating this page throughout the year with important dates and events to look forward to and you can plan your event.

You may want to hire a bouncy castlerodeo bull or simulator ride or one of our fantastic inflatable slides for entertainment for the kids and adults whilst the event is taking place.

Here is a list of dates that we have picked out as important dates in the UK calendar for 2014;

13/2/2014- St Helens RLFC first Super League game of the season
18/4/2014- Good Friday
20/4/2014- Easter Sunday
21/4/2014- Easter Monday
23/4/2014- St George’s Day
5/5/2014- Early May Bank Holiday
26/5/2014- Spring Bank Holiday
12/6/2014-13/7/2014- World Cup 2014
14/6/2014- England Vs Italy World Cup 2014
19/6/2014- England Vs Uruguay World Cup 2014
24/6/2014- England Vs Costa Rica World Cup 2014
If England progress from the group stages of the World Cup, there fixtures may look like the following. England are in group D and only the winner and runner up of group D will progress to the latter rounds
Second round
Second round two 28/6/2014- Winner group C Vs Runner-up group D (Could be England)
Second round four 29/6/2014- Winner group D (Could be England) Vs Runner-up group C
Quarter finals
Quarter final one 4/7/2014- Winner second round one Vs Winner second round two (Could be England)
Quarter final three 5/7/2014- Winner second round three Vs Winner second round four (Could be England)
Semi finals
Semi final one 8/7/2014- Winner quarter final one (Could be England) Vs Winner quarter final two
Semi final two 9/7/2014- Winner quarter final three (Could be England) Vs Winner quarter final four
Third round play-off 12/7/2014- If England lose the semi final they will play in the third round play-off on this date
World Cup final 2014 13/7/2014- If England reach the World Cup final (fingers, toes and eyes crossed) they will play on this date
23/7/2014-3/8/2014- Commonwealth Games
25/8/2014- August Bank Holiday
Book online today at
SJ Leisure online booking system website

SJ Leisure online booking system website

Packages for 2014

This year SJ Leisure have set about purposefully creating party specific packages for our customers.

We understand that as well as getting the best possible deal some customers would like to hire everything from one place.

For example if you were looking at organising a ‘Rodeo Western’ party, you may be looking to hire a rodeo bull, a bouncy castle, an assault course, maybe even a few little party games such as the cactus hoopla. Customers don’t want to be ringing all different companies to get the best price, they want the best price and all from the same place. At SJ Leisure that is what we’re striving to do.

So far, we have created two beach party packages which include different products, a rodeo western package, an indoor party package amongst others and we are continuing to create fantastic packages for amazing value for money prices.

Check out our packages here.

General idea’s for children’s birthday parties |

Looking to organise a children’s party?

Maybe you’re short on idea’s or cash or both!

This blog has been written to provide you with a brief set of hints and tips when organising an event or child’s party.

Firstly once you have decided on a date and time scale, decide on a venue. Would you like the event to be at your home. Plus points is that the event could work out cheaper or provide you with more money in your budget for other things.

If screaming kids in your house doesn’t appeal to you, why not check out the local community centres, social clubs, children’s play centres etc.

Your venue needs to be suitable to hold all your guests and provide enough room for activities. For example, a bouncy castle from SJ Leisure may be 10ft tall so does the room allow for this high item? Maybe, an indoor bouncy castle, under 9ft, would be more suitable.

Secondly, decide on how many guests will be invited and send invitations early to allow guests to make your event part of their plans. Make sure these invitations are clear and concise, detailing venue address and event timings. Maybe you could add a little google maps route.

Next, decide on entertainment, children’s entertainer? DJ? Pamper party? Bouncy castle? Party games?

Sometimes a selection depending on budget can be the best option so that children have a range of activities to keep them interested.

Other points that need to be addressed include party food and drink, check guests have no allergies or special dietary needs.

Little tips from us would be to plan in advance with a clear budget, be sure of event venue, times and available space.

Try to book as much as possible with one firm, looking to book a bouncy castle and mascot costumes? Companies such as SJ Leisure offer both and will provide discount for multiple item hire, also you have less companies you need to remember details of and also less deliveries.

Be sure that any company you use has all the correct safety procedures in place such as public liability insurance etc.

As a last point, the cheapest option isn’t always the best. In the case of bouncy castles, cheaper bouncy castles are usually cheaper due to poorer quality or because they are becoming worn and not as new as they should be. The company may not also have the right insurance or experience.

Thanks for reading,

SJ Leisure

Indoor Bouncy Castle Packages |

SJ Leisure are now offering indoor bouncy castle packages to suit all occasions and budgets.

Looking to organise a party on a budget and looking for more than an inflatable bouncy castle. Check out SJ Leisure’s packages.

SJ Leisure can tailor make packages using their wide range of inflatables, products and services.

SJ Leisure can offer rodeo bulls, bouncy castles, inflatable slides, mascot costumes, soft play including inflatable surrounds, happy hoppers to pick from to create your perfect event package.

Check out below an example of our packages.

SJ Leisure's Peppa Pig Package including Peppa Pig castle, Peppa Pig soft play shapes and happy hopperz from £99.

SJ Leisure’s Peppa Pig Package including Peppa Pig castle, Peppa Pig soft play shapes and happy hopperz from £99.

Customers can choose to add other items into this package such as Peppa Pig and George Pig mascot costumes for a small additional fee.

SJ Leisure can also cater packages for different party themes such as Pirate parties, Princess parties, Superhero parties and many, many more!

SJ Leisure

Brand new bouncy castles added to SJ Leisure website

SJ Leisure have added three brand new bouncy castles to their bouncy castle and inflatable booking website,

These bouncy castles include the Monsters University 12×15, Disney Planes 12×15 and the Littlest Pet Shop 12×15.

These bouncy castles are fantastic quality and brand new manufactured for SJ Leisure.

SJ Leisure are constantly updating our stock of inflatables and bouncy castles to ensure that our customers get the highest quality of bouncy castles and inflatables on the market.

Our bouncy castles provide the best bounce! Guaranteed!

SJ Leisure's brand new Littlest Pet Shop bouncy castle now available to hire on

SJ Leisure’s brand new Littlest Pet Shop bouncy castle now available to hire on

Check out our website to check availability and book your bouncy castle today.

SJ Leisure

Back to school special offers!

SJ Leisure have added a special offer category to their bouncy castle booking website,

These special offers include many midweek discounted inflatables including bouncy castles, penalty shoot-outs and many, many more!

These offers are designed to reward our customers at a time when bills are high with going back to school expenses as well as saving for the festive season.

Remember during September, the night draw in at the earliest around 6:30pm which gives the children plenty of time after school for some inflatable fun which is also fantastic exercise.

SJ Leisure also do overnight hires for a small additional fee so the party can go even later.

Reward your children for a settled return to school with an inflatable!

SJ Leisure

Summer 2013

This summer has been a fantastic summer in the UK. For once we can hardly complain about the great British weather!!

This summer season has seen SJ Leisure add many new and exciting inflatables and products to our already large range! Hopefully, you may have experienced and used these fantastic products or will be about to in the future!

This weekend is one of our busiest periods during the year with the late August Bank Holiday and hopefully we may have some good weather!

If you are looking to hire any inflatables, bouncy castles, rodeo bulls, inflatable slides etc and are situated in the North West of England in places such as St Helens, Warrington, Wigan, Widnes, Liverpool then give SJ Leisure a call!

Comic Relief 2013- Friday 15th March 2013- SJ Leisure bouncy castle, rodeo bull, inflatable hire specialist!

So this year (2013), Comic Relief returns to the forefront of fund raising in the UK. Comic Relief is a fantastic fund raising event which raises much needed funds for all sorts of fantastic charities and initiatives in both the UK and abroad!

Many people choose to take part in ‘Funny for Money’ style tasks in order to raise the important funds.

SJ Leisure supply all sorts of equipment suitable for such tasks/challenges. From sumo wrestling suits to rodeo bulls, surf board simulators to gladiator duels.

An ever popular way of raising money is the sponsored bounce, SJ Leisure supply all different sizes and styles of bouncy castles to cater for your needs. Whether the children at the local school or community group are taking part or adults at work etc, we have everything to suit!

You can check out all the products we have to offer on our brand new, online booking website, which is part of the Bouncy Castle Network branch of websites (BCN), on the link below.

SJ Leisure online booking system website

SJ Leisure online booking system website