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12 x 15 Lego Movie

12 x 15 Lego Movie

Brand new for 2014!

The Lego movie has become a smash hit in not only the UK but all over the world with the popular children's toy being brought to life on the big screen!

This bouncy castle is fantastic looking and has some wonderful hand painted artwork which depict characters from the film including Emmett, Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain America and Hulk.

The bouncy castle is styled in a blue and red colour scheme.

This castle is part of our deluxe range of bouncy castles and has some additional safety specifications including 'netting' on the back wall of the castle, this means that children cannot climb onto the back wall. The castle also has an inflatable 'bed' which runs front to back rather than left to right, this allows users to bounce into the castle rather than bouncing out and has a lower, flat entrance step making it easier for users to get onto the castle. The castle also features a stronger, more industrial strength raincover meaning that you can have fun in almost all weather conditions!

Will it fit in your garden: you need 17ft long by 14ft wide.

This castles comes complete with fitted, built in raincover, pegs, blower and matting or alternatively for indoor hires, we provide sandbags.

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Price: £60.00Week Day Price: £50.00 (excludes Monday)
Suitable for: Children OnlyAvailable Overnight for an extra £20.00