Admin Costs

We understand that certain bookings may require paperwork to be completed, or produced, prior to the event going ahead. A lot of information that we need to provide to the customer is provided online, on our website on the various information pages as well as listed on each product listing. To combat fraud and to comply with data protection, some documents are not publically available, but are available upon request.

For all document requests that we have readily available, including insurance policy, risk assessments, method statements, test certificates etc, these documents must be requested by email, no later than two (2) weeks before your event.

If a booking requires additional admin support such as, and not limited to the following, this will incur an additional cost from £50 per hour of admin work (minimum of one (1) hour required);

  • Filling in new supplier forms
  • Filling in visitor forms
  • Acknowledging site rules and signing for adherence
  • Filling in delivery / collection vehicle forms
  • Providing additional letterhead documents for invoices
  • Filling in and signing NDA's
  • Site visits

For more information on any of the above, please contact us by email ( or telephone (01744 602716).