It is the responsibility of the customer (hirer) to ensure that all possible steps are taken to avoid injury or damage to the inflatable. Please ensure that the following safety instructions are followed.

  1. Each inflatable has a recommended age and height limit. Please ensure no-one over this age or height limit uses the equipment. This information is usually displayed at the side of the front step of an inflatable.
  2. By placing a booking or order with the company either online, verbally over the phone, via email or any other method regardless of whether a deposit has been paid it is deemed and understood that the client fully agrees and is then bound by our terms and conditions listed here and then enters into a contract with 'SJ's Leisure / Bounce-N-Go'.
  3. When booking online our system will show you the availability of our equipment or service for that day and not our ability to deliver these at specific times. SJ's Leisure / Bounce-N-Go will let you know as soon as possible if we are unable to fulfil your order or specific time frames.
  4. All booked equipment is subject to availability on the hire date which can be affected by breakdown, stock replacement or rotation etc.
  5. SJ's Leisure / Bounce-N-Go reserves the right to substitute any of the booked equipment or entertainment at any time to another piece of equipment or service to a similar price or entertainment, as seen fit by SJ's Leisure / Bounce-N-Go. SJ's Leisure / Bounce-N-Go will always try to advise of this as soon as possible either by telephone call or email.
  6. All services and equipment booked will be delivered, inspected and set up on site by our delivery team. Once set up, the client or the representative acting on their behalf must then sign for the delivery by signing our terms of hire.
  7. By signing for the equipment or service, the client or the representative acting on their behalf are confirming that they are happy with the equipment, location and service and that everything has been left in full working order and is fit for purpose.
  8. Once the equipment has been signed for any breakages, damages, losses, theft (including overnight) will then be liable by the client to the full value for either repair or replacement.
  9. Please ensure you have adequate entrance points in regards to size for the equipment you are hiring. Some of our equipment such as larger inflatables require at least a 1m access point or may even need our delivery team to drive direct onto the site and installation point. Rodeo rides and simulators require a minimum access space of 36" from the point of unload at the back of the delivery vehicle to your set up area.
  10. All equipment remains the property of SJ’s Leisure / Bounce-N-Go at all times. In the event that you are unhappy with any of the equipment or services provided then please make your delivery team aware and do not sign for any of the equipment until you are happy with the resolution offered by SJ's Leisure / Bounce-N-Go. Once the equipment has been signed for, you are signing to confirm that you are happy and that any claim made after will not be accepted nor any refund offered.
  11. All company items and equipment are left in the responsibility and care of the client / customer from the time they are delivered until the time that they are collected. If collection is delayed for any reason the client / customer is still responsible until the items are collected. As we offer an overnight hire service this sometimes means that our equipment can be collected and then delivered either wet or dirty. This may mean the equipment is then cleaned or wiped down on site at the next delivery or be left to dry. Please allow at least 2 hours before your event for this just in case. For indoor hires, we recommend that clients / customers hire 'indoor only' products, this ensures that upon delivery and set up these items will need minimal attention to be ready to use.
  12. No food or drinks to be consumed whilst using any of the activities (this is to avoid choking and creating a mess). A cleaning charge will apply for misuse.
  13. Appropriate clothing must be worn by all users of our equipment at all times. This includes making sure all users wear socks and all exposed skin is covered to avoid burns, injury or friction burns. During hot weather inflatables and PVC can become extremely hot. If the inflatable becomes too hot it mustn't be used until the temperature has cooled.
  14. All shoes, badges, jewellry (i.e. large earrings, necklaces etc) must be removed. It is recommended that spectacles are also removed. If a user must wear their spectacles when participating on inflatable activities, they must do so at a time when they are the sole user of the activity.
  15. No face paints, party poppers, coloured streamers or silly string must be used near or on the inflatable, as they can make a terrible mess and permanently stain the unit. A cleaning charge will apply for misuse.
  16. No smoking is permitted near or on any of the activities.
  17. Climbing, hanging or sitting on ‘walls’ or ‘beams’ of inflatables is dangerous and must not be allowed.
  18. A responsible adult must supervise the activities at all times. This adult must be competent and present to supervise the inflatable for the complete hire period. Certain inflatables may require more than one supervisor. This will be explained to the client or representative upon set up.
  19. Ensure that the activities are not overcrowded and group the users into similar heights and weights. When using activities, there should be enough space for users to participate without colliding with each other.
  20. Try to avoid large children and small children using the activities at the same time. Some children may require stricter supervision.
  21. If any of the activities are not being used at any point during your hire or are not being supervised, please switch the equipment off at the mains power source.
  22. For inflatables with a front step, please don’t allow users to bounce or play on this step. This step is simply for users to get on and off the inflatable.
  23. Ensure that no-one with a history of back or neck problems are allowed on the inflatable. Our hire equipment is strictly not to be used by anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  24. Do not allow users to be on any of the inflatable products during inflatable or deflation.
  25. During periods of heavy rain our equipment must not be used. The client must wait for the period to pass and then dry all equipment before using again.
  26. The electric blower may have a safety reset button. In the event that it overheats or loses power, switch the blower off at the mains and then switch it back on again one or two minutes later and it should restart. If it does not, or there is a power cut, please inform us immediately.
  27. By completing an online booking on our website / booking over the telephone and hiring our products, you give us permission to access your venue / property to collect the product(s).
  28. Ensure that the vent on the side of the electric blower is kept clear at all times.
  29. In the event of high wind speeds (24mph+), all inflatables must be switched off and not used until the wind speeds decrease.
  30. We strictly operate a zero tolerance attitude towards abuse aimed at our staff. Any case of abuse will result in your details being recorded and further hires being refused.
  31. Any incidents or damages, losses, injuries or accidents must be reported to us immediately.
  32. When transporting products through homes, we cannot be held responsible for any losses or damages to property.
  33. If you are unsure about anything in regards to your hire or hired products during your hire, please contact us.
  34. All delivery and collection times are approximate and the company will always try its best to ensure our delivery teams run on time and within their delivery time slots; however, due to situations and issues outside of SJ's Leisure's / Bounce-N-Go's control such as traffic problems, delays at previous deliveries, vehicle breakdowns, etc. SJ's Leisure / Bounce-N-Go will not be held responsible or liable for any losses or costs incurred by yourselves or any forms of additional compensation. SJ's Leisure / Bounce-N-Go recommend that the client / customer allows 2 hours either side of your delivery and collection to ensure the smooth running of your event.
  35. In the event of any mechanical or breakdown of equipment either before or during your event which prevents or limits us to fulfil our contracted obligations, our liability shall be limited to a pro rata refund of any monies paid in relation to the contracted item or equipment to which we are unable to provide. Where a break down occurs during an event, a pro rata refund for the remaining time booked will be applied based on the start and finish times we have from you. Any refund will also be limited to the specific item at fault and not the booking as a whole. This also includes generator failure, only being limited to the cost of the generator affected and not any of the items to which it is due to power.
  36. All breakdowns or faults must be reported to SJ's Leisure / Bounce-N-Go as soon as possible by telephone or email by the client and the equipment should then not be used from the discovery of the fault until the client is told it is safe to do so by SJ's Leisure / Bounce-N-Go. SJ's Leisure / Bounce-N-Go will then dispatch, where possible, someone to inspect the fault, provide a replacement subject to availability, and aim to fix or replace within 2 hours of reporting the fault. Any reduction of our fee is at the discretion of the company and limited only to the percentage of time the equipment is inoperable.
  37. All sizes and measurements quoted on this website are approximate and are to the best of the company's knowledge. Usually these measurements have been provided by the manufacturer.
  38. SJ's Leisure / Bounce-N-Go reserves the right to substitute any booked equipment or service with another piece of equipment or service of a similar type and value without prior notice in the event the booked equipment is damaged, stolen or double booked.
  39. SJ's Leisure / Bounce-N-Go reserves the right to use any images or photos of our equipment regardless of who took the photo and where it is displayed. We will not seek permission to use these and they may be used within our future marketing efforts or product images. This also includes any images taken by ourselves.
  40. The space required to operate the equipment safely may be larger than the equipment size and this information can be found online under the individual product descriptions or by contacting the office. It is the clients responsibility to check that they have enough space and also the correct surface to operate the equipment booked.
  41. On delivery, if the surface, space or venue isn't suitable the equipment will not be set up, delivery will be refused and a full charge will be expected from the client. This includes any provisions the client has failed to inform the company such as stairs, obstructions, excess distance to site (over 50m) etc. On delivery the equipment will be set up in one agreed location and will not be moved once unloaded and erected. Under no circumstances should the client attempt to move, relocate or reposition the equipment as this could then make the equipment unsafe and cause injury and/or death.
  42. It is the clients responsibility to ensure that suitable security and crowd control measures are in place prior to the start and during the event.
  43. It is the clients responsibility to inform the delivery team prior to the start of delivery of any underground services present on site. Many of our equipment uses metal stakes / pegs, up to 500mm long, which are inserted into the ground to secure them safely. SJ's Leisure / Bounce-N-Go will not accept responsibility or cost of damage caused by these.
  44. Where the delivery needs to go through a house, property or any other area, our drivers will take the upmost care; however, any damage caused will not be accepted by SJ's Leisure / Bounce-N-Go as their responsibility and this will be down to the client to repair, replace and take responsibility for.
  45. The majority of our equipment requires a power supply in order to operate, we require 13amp or 16amp plug sockets within a reasonable distance. This is normally taken via a standard household plug (13amp plug) or alternatively (16amp plug) and the number of these required will depend on the type and number of items you have hired, for example a three piece obstacle course may require 2-3 power sockets. We use extension leads in order to connect the power supply and equipment, these are normally 25m extension leads. We are able to provide up to 45m extension leads with prior notice but after this a generator would be required which is additional to the cost of hiring the items. Please contact our office team for more information.
  46. Any generators on a dry hire will require refuelling during the hire period. The client must ensure someone capable is able to do this and that they are able to make regular checks on the generator fuel levels and they should not be allowed to go any lower than 1⁄4 of a tank.
  47. Our equipment requires the use of a 13amp / 16amp plug. The client must ensure they have enough 13amp / 16amp sockets for the number of blowers and equipment they are powering from the generators with suitable connectors and leads.
  48. SJ's Leisure / Bounce-N-Go reserves the right to remove or stop operating any equipment where it is felt the conduct of guests endangers the safety of other guests or users or for any other reason SJ's Leisure / Bounce-N-Go may see fit. In these cases no refund will be offered.
  49. All telephone / email quotations are valid for 14 days, after this period a new quote will need to be provided which could result in an increase in price. To get the very best price available we advise to book online or by telephone as soon as possible.
  50. On the date of your event we are only able to accept cash for any remaining balances and this must be paid upon delivery and set up. We are able to accept payment through the office via an accepted debit card or via BACs transfer direct into our account however this payment must be received at the latest on the last Thursday prior to the client / customers hire.
  51. SJ's Leisure / Bounce-N-Go is unable to offer any credit facilities, so all remaining balances must be paid in full either before the event date or upon delivery and set up.All prices given and listed online are subject to change without any prior notice.
  52. By placing a booking with SJ's Leisure / Bounce-N-Go and in line with current legislation you are accepting these terms and conditions including our cancellation rights and are aware any cancellations with remaining balances may result in court action to recover any monies due. Details of our cancellation policy can be found on our website or by contacting the office.
  53. If your booking requires additional admin work, an admin fee may be applied to your booking. This will be discussed with you (the customer), where appropriate. More information can be found here -
  54. Under UK law in general, a client has the right to cancel an order, service or product within 14 days of placing a booking and entering into a contract. However, due to the nature of our business the hire of our products and services are exempt under the exemption of leisure service activities on specific dates. The exemption helps protect the company and other traders which are limited by specific capacity for each date and are limited in our ability to resell or fill the capacity should the client (consumer) change their mind. This cover includes but is not limited to performance tickets, car hire, wedding venues etc.
  55. A standing charge may be applied to a booking at any time if required. For example, if on delivery and / or collection, a team is delayed from completing their duties for whatever reason (no access, waiting, COVID test required etc), a charge will be applied from £25 (per staff member per hour).


Please note that all persons using this inflatable do so at their own risk. The person / organisation hiring the equipment will be responsible / liable for any damage or injury occurring from or as a result of misuse or reckless use. A competent person must be present and responsible for the constant supervision of the equipment whilst on hire to you. These guidelines are for the safety of all persons using the equipment on hire and it is the sole responsibility of the hirer to ensure that they are adhered to.Our company cannot accept any responsibility for any injury caused to anyone using this equipment.

I hereby agree to abide by the terms and conditions listed above.

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Hire date


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Booking fee’s

Any booking fees which have been paid are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable as the item(s) have been allocated for you for the requested date and time.