Within our full product range, we have numerous products which can be branded. This would come at a further cost but is available.

This would be applicable for a wide range of products such as photobooths, bouncy castles, inflatable structures and much more.

A couple of examples for you;

  • Photobooths - our deluxe, oval photobooths can be branded to reflect your company. Previous examples include a coffee shop chain who had a skin designed to show their company logo, slogan, web address and more. Our photobooth prints can also be designed to include a discount voucher, company logo, web address and more.
  • Inflatable structures - our inflatable structures such as our inflatable nightclubs and party tents have been manufactured to have changeable fronts. For example, we could design a front for the inflatable structure to reflect your company. You may be hosting a meet and greet style event and are looking for an eye catching meet and greet point where people can come and see your products and hear about your products and services. A great example of this would be a quirky inflatable pop up store, possible outside of a sports stadium etc. These inflatable structures have also been used as 'lost and found points', 'first aid points' amongst other ideas.
  • Bouncy castles - we have a wide range of customisable bouncy castles which can be provided with a branded look to them. For example, a sports club could put their club crest on the front pillars of the bouncy castle. This pillars could also be personalised for private customers, for example, if you'd like to have your child's face on the bouncy castle at their party or maybe a family photo, this can be arranged.
  • Giant games - games such as our 'Giant Pie In Your Face' can be customised to promote a brand or offer. For example, a pastry company could be organising a promotional event and looking for a product which interacts with the general public, the backboard of this product can be customised to feature a company logo, contact details, slogan etc.
  • Rodeo rides and simulators - These rides and inflatables can be branded with the back walls of the inflatable bed customisable. There is also opportunity for a whole range of rodeo ride attachments to be manufactured.
  • Wrestling / Sumo suits - These padded suits can be manufactured in many different themes. We have in stock Sumo wrestling suits, Santa suits, Cowboy and Indian suits, Superhero suits.

The possibilities are endless. If you have an idea or you have any general questions or enquiries, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly office team.