06 October 15 - Making inflatable play safe!

We are one of a large number of UK hirers and manufacturers who believe safety is paramount in within the inflatable industry.

We have attended numerous courses over the years including RPII Operators and Supervisors course and gained the full accreditation. We have also received RPII Testing and Inspecting training which follows European best practice including BS-EN14960:2013.

Among other UK hirers we now test above and beyond the above standards. We refuse to hire equipment which is in breach of this standard and we believe our inflatables are better than the standard of which they are to 'aspire' to.

Each inflatable has its own log book, serial number, annual test certificate and regularly checked and maintained by competent persons with over 20 years experience within the inflatable and leisure industry. Any of these documents are available for inspection at any one time.

Our equipment is also regularly rotated to ensure that our stock is in line with the latest safety specifications and also of the highest possible standard. The most recently made inflatables are generally always the 'bounciest' and 'safest' and feature the strongest, most protective rain covers. This is due to the inflatables losing their bounce and also their rain cover protective layer as the inflatable ages.

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