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04 November 15 - New disco domes/party bouncy castles added to the range!

Disco dome hire Wigan, Warrington, Widnes, Leigh, St Helens, Golborne and more!

This week we have two new disco type inflatables in stock. We have added a brand new disco party time 15 x 17 bouncy castle which can come complete with disco light and Bluetooth music system. We have also added a new adult size disco dome.

On Sunday, we had our first booking for our new disco party time 15 x 17 bouncy castle. It was the perfect first hire for the inflatable as it was indoors and that way we got chance to set it up nice and dry and also get a good, clear video for YouTube, our website etc.

This type of disco bouncy castle is perfect for indoor hires compared to a disco dome as it is open from the front which allows supervisors (parents, guardians etc) to be able to view the users (children) unrestricted. This particular disco bouncy castle has also been manufactured using mostly dark material to make the most of the disco light effect!

Check out the video below..

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