16 January 16 - Looking to hire a bouncy castle/disco dome? Check this out..

Bouncy castle hire St Helens, Widnes, Leigh, Prescot, Chapelford Village, Rainhill, Great Sankey and more!

Are you looking to hire a bouncy castle or inflatable this year? It may be your child's birthday party, you may be having a family get together or a BBQ or something of that nature. Thinking of hiring a bouncy castle or inflatable and looking for the best value for money deal? Please check out the following information which we think you should consider before booking your hire.

Occasionally we see bouncy castle hirers on Facebook, local advertising sites etc offering their services and bouncy castles. These bouncy castles and services could be fantastic however, occasionally we have had last minute phone calls to cover jobs when these hirers haven't arrived or their product hasn't been quite up to scratch.

For example, if you take a look at the picture attached with this article, on the left you'll see an old style bouncy castle (yellow and blue), as a rough guess probably 7-8 years old. On the right you'll see one of our latest bouncy castles (Disco bouncy castle). As I'm sure most of you will agree, there's a massive difference in quality to the naked eye.

As a bouncy castle operator with over 20 years experience, who knows the structural differences between the inflatables, I can tell you there's an ENORMOUS difference in quality.

  • The yellow and blue inflatable has an 'old' style front protection wall, although this seems like a good idea it is actually against the UK standard and this would cause this inflatable to FAIL an inflatable safety test.
  • The yellow and blue inflatable also has a front step which isn't compliant with the UK standard and again it would FAIL an inflatable safety test on the basis that the step isn't wide enough to stop users from falling from the inflatable.
  • The yellow and blue inflatable has no fitted shower cover. Although, NO bouncy castle or inflatable can be made 100% waterproof, they are obviously better for the unpredictable UK weather when featuring a shower/sun cover. These covers are also more durable and stronger when brand new.
  • Artwork is a massive plus point for bouncy castles and inflatables and our bouncy castles and inflatables are either digitally printed or hand painted and they look fantastic!

There's many points to consider when hiring a bouncy castle or inflatable:

  • Will the company turn up? Are they a seasoned hirer who's profession it is or is it a weekend sideline for someone?

We, have been established for over twenty years and it's our full job and profession. We also have premises in St Helens, where we are based at and work from, we don't store our inflatables in a normal garage. We also have a landline number at the office which you can contact every day between 9am and 7pm.

  • Does the company have valid test certificates for their inflatables and insurance?

Although it's not a legal requirement to have 'Public Liability Insurance' it is best practice. We have full public liability insurance and all of our inflatables meet or exceed the UK standards and have a valid test certificate.

  • Is there company fully trained in the latest safety qualifications?

We regularly attend the latest health and safety courses in the inflatable and leisure industry and we are fully qualified in 'RPII Inflatable Operator and Attendant' qualification.

If you are looking to hire a bouncy castle or inflatable this year, we hope you have a fantastic hire and everything goes to plan.

All the best for 2016!

Bouncy castle hire St Helens is extremely popular so make your booking as soon as possible!

Looking to book with us? Book online on this very website or contact us today on 01744 602716!

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