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25 January 16 - Lots of new products ordered and arriving throughout the coming weeks and months!

Bouncy Castle Hire - Rodeo Bull Hire - Wedding Party Hire - St Helens - Wigan - Warrington

SJ Leisure are regularly looking at new products and services that we can offer to our customers and potential customers. We have products to cater for all types of parties and events, such as weddings, birthday parties, christenings and so on. We also look to add new, innovative and exciting products to this range all the time!

We also look to cater for different ages and genders as well as offering package deals as well normal pricing. These package deals can make a huge difference when booking an event such as a wedding, birthday party, Christmas event etc when there is a budget in place.

Recently, we've added numerous new inflatables and products such as, the 'Disco fun run' which we feel would be most enjoyed by children and teenagers. We've also added the 'Deluxe Toddler Soft Play Disco Ball Pool' which we are targeting for hires at kids and toddlers birthday parties. Today, we've ordered numerous more products to be added to our range from additional 'High Strikers' to more soft play surrounds and the fantastic 'LED LOVE LETTERS' which are perfect for weddings, engagement parties, anniversary parties and more!

Also arriving are the number style LED lights such as the ones shown in the main article photo.

We also have more 'Inflatable Disco Party Tents' and 'Inflatable Nightclubs' on order!

There is numerous other products that are on order at the moment to cater for all types of events and functions. At the moment we can't disclose these as we can't give a specific date on there arrival in stock but as soon as we have a delivery date you can be sure that these products will be listed online and also posted on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

This year will see significant investment in our company as we expand even further throughout the North-West region. Very exciting times and we look forward to you guys being a part of our adventure!

Hope you all have a fantastic week!

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