07 March 16 - Ultimate WipeOut on hire yesterday at Leigh Sports Village!

Ultimate WipeOut Hire in St Helens, Wigan, Warrington and the surrounding areas

This weekend was yet another busy weekend as summer is fast approaching and we are starting to see a little bit of sunshine!

We had a range of different products on hire this weekend including our 'Ultimate WipeOut' simulator which was on hire yesterday to 'Leigh Community Trust' who hired the simulator for pre-match entertainment before Leigh Centurions rugby league match versus Sheffield Eagles.

The 'WipeOut' simulator is great fun and perfect for team building events, fun days, birthday parties, weddings and much more.

The simulator involves participants 'jumping' and 'ducking' to avoid the 'sweeper' arms of the machine. After two to three minutes, participants are getting tired and struggling to avoid the arms as it becomes faster and faster. Really good fun!

Ultimate WipeOut hire in Wigan, Leigh, St Helens and the surrounding areas is extremely popular especially during the summer months.

Check out our YouTube video below of some of our staff testing the simulator out prior to it's hire.

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