22 August 16 - Hints and tips for hiring a bouncy castle!

Bouncy castle hire in Warrington, St Helens and the surrounding areas!

Looking to hire a bouncy castle or inflatable in the Merseyside, Cheshire or Greater Manchester region? We have compiled a handy list of information that is useful in guaranteeing that your order and event goes perfectly!

First things first, you've decided you're having a party or event and you're looking to hire an inflatable or inflatable(s). Google is probably the first place you're going to look for an inflatable or bouncy castle hire company. Once you've reached the website have a little nosey around and check out the full range of inflatables. On our website for example, we clearly state the manufacturers sizes of the inflatable and also the space needed to safely set up the inflatable. This is very important, one of the worst experiences of inflatable hire is not correctly or not measuring your area space at all. If the inflatable doesn't fit in your space there is not much you can do about it so measure and measure accurately! If you're hiring indoors at a venue make sure you have enough ceiling height! For indoor hires, we have a full range of indoor only bouncy castles and inflatables, these are perfect for indoor hire as they're only ever used indoors so are completely clean and dry on arrival as there is no possible chance they've been hired outdoors the day before, we also have bouncy castles and inflatables under 8ft tall so they fit in 99% of all indoor venues!

More handy tips to look for when hiring a bouncy castle, inflatable, rodeo ride etc is to do a background check on the company. Check that they're part of leading industry associations such as BIHA, BCN (Bouncy Castle Network - we are a premium member ;) ) amongst others. Google and Facebook is also a handy tool to check out reviews on the company and also to see their equipment in action (so to speak), does the company regularly update their Facebook page to showcase their equipment? Is the equipment clean and set up safely? Does the equipment look new?

It's always a good idea to check that bouncy castle and inflatable hirers have full public liability insurance and are their inflatables tested? Bouncy castles and inflatables bought brand new come with a twelve month safety test and certificate. Here at SJ Leisure we rotate our stock regularly to ensure that our bouncy castles and inflatables are up to date in terms of the latest safety specifications and also in terms of quality! A bouncy castle under twelve months old will always be of a better quality than a bouncy castle of over four years old!

Our 'New Products' category features all of our latest inflatables! This year alone (2016), we have added and replaced over seventy five (75) products to ensure our level of quality and safety is untouchable within the area and inflatable industry.

Booking your inflatable and providing all the correct contact and delivery information is very important. We advise all of customers to book online on our 'live' online booking website, www.sjleisure.co.uk. By doing this, customers can clearly see which item(s) they're booking, they can clearly see the full cost of the order, they can input all the correct information such as delivery address, postcode, contact telephone number etc and at the end of it all receive an automated email confirmation to put their mind at rest! All done within 10 minutes!

One of the most frequent calls we get at weekends is people who have booked bouncy castles or inflatables with other companies over the phone, most commonly mobile phone numbers, and the company has not turned up. Some of these people don't even know the name of the company that they booked with! By booking online with SJ Leisure, you receive an automated email confirmation which contains all of our contact information and also all of your order information that you have inputted to your booking form so if three weeks down the line you need to check what cost your order is before the event you can check your emails and have all the information there in front of you. Some people who ring us on weekends who have been let down have sometimes said that the mobile number of the other company they booked with is switched off. Some companies are run by people who have other full time jobs and they have been known at times to not turn up if for example they're called into work. We are a full time, industry leading inflatable company who has been established and operating for over twenty two years! We have a business address in St Helens, Merseyside where people can pop in and we also have a party supplies store on site so you can get your party accessories such as balloons, banners etc. We also have landline phone numbers, emergency only mobile contact numbers as well as email addresses which you can contact us via.

When hiring at your home address please ensure that your set up area is within your property. In order to comply with health and safety regulations and insurance stipulations, inflatables and bouncy castles must be set up within your own property or you must have written permission from the land owner. If inflatables are set up on public / private land without the land owners permission, insurance policies will be void and you would not be covered in the unfortunate case of an accident. On our booking form, we clearly ask this very question so please answer truthfully to ensure that your booking and hire can go ahead.

Please read carefully the companies stated terms and conditions, FAQ's and other policies, this is important as by completing your booking form you are entering a binding contract and agreeing to these policies. In the event of unsafe weather conditions, safety is paramount and if your hired company deems the weather unsafe then their final decision should be adhered to. The last thing an inflatable hire company wishes to do is to cancel or postpone an event but in the event of unsafe weather conditions, users safety must come first.

A few other little tips to speed up your inflatable delivery and improve your hire experience are as follows;

  • Arrange your party times suitably around your delivery and collection times. If your chosen company delivers between 8am and 12pm (noon) and you don't have a fixed delivery time ensure that your party starts after the latest possible delivery time.
  • Ensure that your set up area is prepared i.e. clean from animal foul, toys, grass cuttings etc.
  • Ensure that you have the correct payment method ready for delivery unless you have pre paid.
  • To avoid cleaning / damage / loss charges, please ensure that no food and drink, silly string, party poppers, shoes, face paints are used on the inflatable and ensure that all rented items are present and in the same condition they arrived ready to be collected.
  • Please ensure that a responsible adult over the age of eighteen (18) is present at the time of delivery to sign, pay any due balance and supervise the equipment.
  • Ensure that your power supply is within 20 metres and ready to be used. Most hirers provide an electric fan / blower as standard with inflatable hire.
  • Don't allow users to switch off equipment whilst in use.
  • Don't allow users to climb on the structure of the inflatable. Children tend to climb the inflatable walls and lay and sit on the walls or roof of the inflatable. This is very dangerous and is not allowed as this can result in damage to the inflatable and injury to the user(s).
  • Especially in hot weather conditions it's important to ensure that users stay hydrated. Inflatables can be great exercise and it's important for users to stay hydrated.
  • Take lots of photo's, tag us on Facebook and keep your special memories :).

We hope you found the above information useful. Please feel free to browse our website and range of products. There is some fantastic information pages on this website which can provide further hints and tips for hiring inflatables. If you would like further information please don't hesitate to contact our office (9am - 7pm) or email us at info@sjleisure.co.uk

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