28 August 16 - Football Darts arrives at SJ Leisure!

Football Darts game hire in St Helens and the surrounding areas!

It's here. Finally. Our velcro football darts game is finally here and we are very excited to see it as part of our huge range of bouncy castles and inflatables.

Back in June, we seen this new inflatable concept and was excited to add this to our range to satisfy the demand from local sports clubs, fun day organisers and even private garden hirers. It's been on order since late June and we received it within the last week.

It's an absolutely amazing piece of kit and stands at a GIGANTIC 22ft tall at it's tallest point. We have a couple of videos of the inflatable in action on our Facebook page.

The inflatable game is extremely versatile and can be used as a velcro football dartboard, it can be used as a normal velcro dartboard, it can be used as a dartboard to hit with tennis balls. There's also the opportunity to change the velcro front to change the game for example, you could have a standard dartboard front and play games such as 'around the clock', 'regular darts' etc or you can have specialised fronts with holes in, very similar to the inflatable penalty shoot out game but on a grander, more difficult scale.

Since announcing it's intended arrival to our range, this product has received massive interest from a wide range of potential customers. Our policy as a company is not to take bookings on items that we don't have in stock, ready to hire, this is different to our inflatable hire companies but we strive to ensure that we don't let our customers down with unavailable items.

We already have numerous bookings on this item for over the coming weeks.

Book it today online or contact the office (9am - 7pm) 01744 602716.

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