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21 October 16 - Introducing our brand new range of interactive products and inflatables!

Interactive inflatables and products available to hire throughout Cheshire, Merseyside and Greater Manchester!

Yesterday, we visited one of our UK manufacturers who had completed two brand new products for our range.

These products were the first in our range of our brand new interactive play system compatible inflatables. The 'Interactive Play System' was introduced to the fun and leisure industry during summer 2016 and we received delivery of the system on it's launch date, early October 2016.

We've had many different ideas since receiving the system, which inflatables to incorporate the system into? What unique inflatable can we create?

We decided on two new products to incorporate the IPS system into, our brand new 'Interactive Play System Table' - which replaced our old style 'Strike-a-light / Batak challenge game', and also our totally unique, possibly a world's first 'IPS X-Over Bungee Run'.

Our brand new Interactive Play System table!

The IPS system (Interactive Play System) is a fun filled, interactive game which has been developed by a large European inflatable manufacturer. It's a new product which has totally revolutionized the inflatable industry as there are a lot of various inflatables both old style and new which can now incorporate this system and increase the fun factor for users! The IPS system has three different game styles that can be played with two users competing against each other. There are also 10 programmed themes available including Cowboy and Princess.

Possibly the most popular game type on the IPS system involves users tapping out as many of their chosen light colours as possible within the allocated time. Users choose either green or red lights before starting the activity.

We were very excited about the concept of our 'IPS X-Over Bungee Run' and are ecstatic about how well it's turned out following it's manufacture.

Our large range of inflatables have included bungee runs for many years however, we felt this new, unique twist to the bungee run increased the WOW and FUN factor 10 fold! We decided on a 'X-Over' style which means that users run in separate directions, reasons behind this included easier supervision, we felt guests who were simply watching the activity would have more fun being able to see into the bungee from the side and clearly see both users at separate ends of the inflatable rather than one user blocking the view of the other user. We also believe that as users are travelling in separate directions, the chances of clashed heads is greatly diminished.

Using the 'Light Chaser' game on the IPS system for example, users on the 'X-Over Bungee Run' will travel up and down the bungee lanes tapping out as many of their chosen light colours as possible within the allocated time. Once the time is up, the user with the highest total wins!

We're really excited by the introduction of these two new products to our range and we're looking forward to a busy 2017 throughout Cheshire, Merseyside and Greater Manchester incorporating these products into our hires for birthday parties, fun days, charity fund raisers and much more!

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