28 January 17 - Promotional Event at Virgin Holidays - SJ's Leisure

Promotional Event Specialists - SJ's Leisure

Another busy weekend is upon us. We have lots of events to cater for, from birthday parties, private hires through to corporate promotional events.

Today (Saturday), we have one such promotional event for Virgin Holidays at the Intu Trafford Centre. I'm sure you don't need me to tell you but Virgin Holidays are a global leader in the aviation industry, specialising in a host of different trip types including long haul. The staff at the store in Manchester approached SJ's Leisure to hire the 'Inflatable Cactus Hoopla' as part of their promotional event day.

The inflatable cactus hoopla fits in with many types of promotional events and is really good fun. It's a challenge game which takes skill and patience. Can you lasso the cactus? These games are great fun but also help to drag people into the store as kids and big kids want to come and explore and test their skill on the inflatable game.

We specialise in a whole host of different products which are perfect for promotional events and we advise all potential customers to view the range of hire products and services which we offer. Some times, we even forget ourselves about some of the items we can supply!

In order to match products into your company themes, we do offer a branding service which can be used to transform our products into looking like one of your own.

Have a great weekend!

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