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Interactive Play Inflatables are the new craze in the inflatable industry. Previous years have seen crazes such as disco dome, soft play amongst others. Although these products still remain very popular, Interactive Play is the 'new kid on the block' so to speak.

The IPS (Interactive Play System) is a new product which has entered the inflatable and fun product industry. It's helped to revolutionise many existing products and add a new, fun twist. As always here at SJ's Leisure, we love to lead from the front and provide our customers with the very latest and most exciting products available in our industry. We've added many new products that incorporate the IPS and we believe our customers in the North-West will love these new products.

Inflatable slide hire in St Helens has always been popular but with this new product, we believe we've created something even more special! The IPS is a new, fun game machine which is made up of 'light pads' and a 'computer / scoreboard'. They connect through, like everything these days, Bluetooth. IPS consists of three game types, the most popular being 'Light Hunter'.

The Interactive Play System Slide set up in St Helens

We approached our UK manufacturer to create a fantastic new inflatable slide to incorporate the IPS system. As always they created something that we are immensely proud of. The total measurements of this new inflatable are 15ft wide x 19ft length x 12ft high, with the slide platform sitting at 6ft high.

The IPS LightsOut Slide available to hire throughout the North-West

We decided to name this new product as the 'IPS LightsOut Slide'. The colour scheme of the inflatable has been specifically chosen so that all of our IPS products are colour coded and look uniform when hired together. We feel this is very important for the product so we chose red, green and blue as the only colours.

Back to the game, what's the aim of it?

Users start at the bottom of the inflatable and prepare for the game to start. Once the game has been initiated, there is a three second countdown and then the starting music will kick in. Another point to make about the IPS system is that the system has various themes that can be used to suit a variety of parties such as Princess, Cowboy, Sealife, Farm amongst many others, the system is very versatile. Once the music kicks in, participants 'race' up the padded steps to the top platform. They must then tap out their chosen light colour (red or green) as quick as they can and then slide down the 6ft platform slide. Once they reach the bottom they can either repeat and race up again or if you are playing the game as part of a relay, the next user can go! At the end of the allocated time, the user or team with the highest points total - wins! It's that simple but so much fun!

Check out the YouTube video below for an example of how to play..

Since adding this product to our range of hire items, we've had numerous enquiries from customers in the North-West region with enquiries from St Helens, Warrington, Wigan, Widnes, Leigh and Liverpool. Many schools have expressed interest in hiring this product alongside their bouncy castle hire for the school summer fete or fun day.

For more information on this product or any of our hire products or services, please contact us today.

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