09 January 18 - Party Planning

Party planning can be one of the most stressful tasks. There's loads to do in preparation for a birthday party especially for a young child's birthday party when you want everything to be just perfect.

For this reason, we've created this handy news article to detail a couple of points you should be considering when planning a celebration event.

One of the first things to consider is the type of event you are looking to organise. Is it a child's birthday party or maybe an anniversary party. What would be suitable for this event? Food for example, will you be looking to organise a sit down meal or maybe a buffet? For entertainment, would you be looking to hire a DJ or a magician or would your guests be looking for something more interactive for example, children love bouncy castles and soft play. Suitable venue for your party? Could your event be held outdoors or must it be held indoors? Will the weather be kind enough to provide you enough sunshine and warmth or do you need the guarantee of warmth and dry conditions by holding your event indoors?

If you are looking to hold an indoor event, here at SJ's Leisure, we have created a handy list of local party venues. These venues range in location from St Helens to Warrington, Wigan to Liverpool and many areas in between. These are all venues that we have hired inflatables or other fun, leisure products to in the past. Some of these venues will only allow SJ's Leisure inflatable products to be provided in their venue. Why? It's simple, over a twenty year period we've demonstrated to the venue owners or venue caretakers that we have everything in place to make their life easier. We have full public liability insurance which covers all of our actions including set up and pack down. We have fully trained staff who are knowledgeable of best practice as recommended by the HSE and also the inflatable safety standard BS EN 14960. Our staff are always punctual and polite and we provide very clean equipment which is also always sanitised upon delivery.

We also get hundreds of enquiries each year from customers who are looking to hire equipment from us but are looking for a suitable party venue. As these party venues recommend us, we also recommend them so it's beneficial to the party venue to only allow SJ's Leisure to hire equipment to these venues. The Tunza Centre, The Shining Light Centre, Birchley St Mary's are all St Helens based party venues that we have a long standing business relationship with. All these centres have previously allowed other hire companies to hire equipment in their venue only to have problems such as discovering that the company don't carry insurance or the appropriate level of insurance or their equipment has been dirty or in some cases damaged the party venue such as damaged the roof as the inflatable was too tall. With SJ's Leisure, you won't get any of these problems.

More so than ever we've noticed a huge increase in customers who are looking to dress their event. LED signs such as numbers, phrases have become very popular for wedding receptions, birthday parties and such like. Table dressing and LED backdrops have continued to grow and grow in popularity. For this reason, we created a separate branch to our business in 2016 with members of staff focusing solely on venue dressing and event planning. This new service has been an incredible success and 2017 will see a new separate website being created to display their creative packages and offers. Currently you can contact the venue dressing team through their Facebook profile page which is SJ's Leisure: Dress Your Event.

When organising a child's birthday party you may be looking at numerous ways to keep lots of kids entertained. There are loads of simple and cheap ways to keep children entertained at your event. Simple Google searches can provide lots of inspiration and the old party games are still as popular as ever. Pass the parcel, musical chairs and many other classics are always a hit at parties we hire to within the North-West region. Check out this fantastic link for birthday party game inspiration.

Recently another handy tip we've picked up on is the demand for disco bouncy castles and disco domes for events. Customers have mentioned to us that for parties now they are saving money on a children's entertainer or DJ by hiring a disco dome. It kills two birds with one stone. The kids love to play and bounce on the inflatable and the provided Bluetooth music system and disco light allows the organiser to play their own music playlist so they can be sure that all of the music is relevant and suitable for the ages at the party and they are also saving money by not hiring a DJ. Lots of party organisers have previously mentioned to us that when hiring an inflatable and a DJ or a children's entertainer that they have had to turn the inflatable off so that kids would take part in the party games. Such is the popularity of the inflatable bouncy castle. Don't forget jumping and bouncing is also great exercise for all who take part!

YouTube or Spotify is also fantastic for creating music playlists for you to play at your party.

How do you let people know you are having a party? Word of mouth, Facebook message, Facebook group maybe. If you want to use the traditional party invites which can be printed and posted or handed out please check out our complimentary party invites which can be used free of charge.

If you are looking at organising a birthday party or looking for bouncy castle hire in the North-West region, we hope to be of assistance to you. Here at SJ's Leisure, we provide the latest and best quality of inflatable and fun products to a wide area within Cheshire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside including St Helens, Wigan, Warrington, Widnes, Leigh, Ormskirk, Liverpool, Cronton, Knowsley, Prescot, Rainhill, Golborne, Haydock, Great Sankey, Lymm, Astley, Tyldesley and much of the surrounding region.

Check out our live booking website https://www.sjleisure.co.uk to view our full range of inflatable and fun products. You can also check availability and book online should you wish. Full hire pricing, sizing and all other product information can be found online.

If you are looking to hire a package deal, don't forget our package hire deals and also our special offers.

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