29 May 18 - Football Bouncer arrives in stock in time for World Cup 2018!

We've been excited to receive delivery of this product for quite some time. At the start of 2018, as a team, we looked at what new and exciting products we wanted to bring to our fantastic customers for the upcoming year. 2018 has been and continues to be an action and sport packed year with lots of football events upcoming. We might have just finished the English football season but in the next week or so, the FIFA World Cup will kick off in Russia and we're in for three weeks of hopefully great football and performance from the England football team!

We decided on adding numerous football themed inflatables and products to our range for the year to cope with the demand of football themed parties and events in the North-West region. Following the success of our Christmas snow globe which was huge for events during November and December, we decided on a similar concept for a football themed inflatable.

The inflatable would feature a bouncy bed and internal inflated pop ups but also a printed back wall with a 'scene' so that it offered the opportunity for some great photos. This is perfect for promotional events, where photos can be taken with the companies slogan or name and the photos could be given out or sold.

We're delighted at how this inflatable has turned out and the level of precision and attention to detail the manufacturers have put into creating this wonderful product.

The inside of the bouncer features internal pop ups of a large football and two pop up pillars which have digitally printed football characters illustrated upon them. The football players are decorated in the North-West's most popular football kit colours (Red and Blue) which could signify both the two main Merseyside football clubs and also the two main Manchester football clubs.

As mentioned above, the back wall of the bouncer shows a general sporting stadium with a cheering and celebrating crowd. However, we took a further step to ensure that this product is suitable for a wide range of events. The manufacturer added a white velcro trim all around the back wall of the bouncer so that the back wall can feature custom made artwork. For example, if this product was to be hired for a promotional event or for a large football team, the back wall could feature digitally printed artwork of a 'scene' of their choice. It could be a photo taken inside their sporting stadium or it could be the team photo with their attached logo. This is a great idea for promotional events and photo opportunities.

We expect this inflatable to be extremely popular throughout the summer with lots of football themed parties and events and throughout the annual year especially when the English Premier League restarts in August!

This product is available to hire throughout our North-West delivery region including towns and cities such as St Helens, Wigan, Warrington, Widnes, Leigh, Liverpool, Ormskirk, Manchester, Astley, Tyldesley, Salford, Southport and many other surrounding areas.

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