08 October 20 - Office Fun

Office Fun Product Hire in Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside

Since July, we've steadily seen people around the country returning to places of work. The UK Government has been actively encouraging people to return to work where it is safe to do so. Many corporations and organisations will be looking at ways to keep their staff productivity and morale high during difficult times.

Here at SJ's, we've had numerous requests from clients this year, who are looking at hiring fun activities for a variety of purposes such as;

  • Promotional events which help to attract attention to a particular event or brand
  • Staff events which help to improve staff morale and productivity
  • Team building events which help to improve and build relationships between colleagues

Studies have shown that happy staff are more productive. Only last year, research from Oxford University's Saïd Business School in collaboration with telecoms firm BT found that happy workers were 13% more productive. Staff who are happy in their job role and organisation are more likely to work harmoniously with colleagues. Helping team members bond is an investment for both the organisation and the member of staff.

Autumn is upon us and we're accelerating towards the festive period which is usually a time where organisations will spend lots of time together as colleagues to celebrate another year as well as Christmas. Christmas parties may be a little different this year with the current COVID-19 pandemic and it may be less likely to see organisations organising lavish Christmas parties at venues such as pubs, clubs, restaurants, wine bars etc. We're anticipating demand for Christmas entertainment inside office buildings and the like where staff can celebrate and spend time together whilst adhering to social guidelines.

We have created a category on our website which includes products which we believe will be popular for office events where organisations are looking to improve staff morale. Some of these products are suggestions from ourselves and some are products which have been hired for similar previous events. These products can be found on our 'Office Fun Products' category.

With a lot of our products, we can offer a branding service so organisations can customise products or parts of products to their specifications. Contact us today for further details on this.

Our company delivers our fun and inflatable products to a large region within the North West. To view our standard delivery areas, please visit our 'Delivery Areas' page. We may be able to cover events even further afield. For all enquiries, please contact our friendly office team today.

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