12 January 21 - Can you hire a bouncy castle inside your house?

Can you hire a bouncy castle inside your house?

A question we've been asked on multiple occasions over the past 18 months. The answer - in short, yes. However, there are things to consider and check first, we'll note these down in this news article.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic first started to affect the UK back in March 2020, we've had customers looking at ways to provide safe, clean, fun and exercise for their children. Initially, our company was closed for around a 12 week period to comply with the UK Governments 'Stay At Home' message. We took this decision following much deliberation and input from relevant organisations such as the Health & Safety Executive, Trading Standards, PIPA, BIHA amongst others. Upon reopening, we were in the midst of summer and to be fair we had some decent weather of sunny days and warm temperatures.

Why hire a bouncy castle inside your home?

As is the usual case, people spend more time indoors during the winter season and this year especially, involved more time indoors with the numerous UK restrictions and lockdowns.

We decided to add bouncy castles to our range which were 'home friendly' i.e. more likely to fit inside a normal family home either in a large living room, spare room, play room, orangery, conservatory, garage, outbuilding etc. This added more options to our 'Stay At Home' party range.

By the end of January 2021, we will have three unique home friendly bouncy castles in our range which will include a blue / red unit, green unit and a pink and purple unit. By offering these various colour schemes we feel that there will be a colour scheme to suit all tastes.

Indoor mini bouncy castle available to hire in the North West

By hiring a bouncy castle inside your home, the risk of not being able to use the inflatable due to bad weather conditions is erased. The use of inflatables outdoors is dependant on weather conditions with high winds being a particular weather condition which has to be closely monitored to ensure that inflatables can be used safely. Wind speeds reaching or in excess of 24mph means that outdoor inflatables must not be used. For this reason, these inflatables will also be an option for customers in bad weather conditions during 'normal' times. When bouncy castles are not safe for outdoor use, these products will be an option for customers to revert to, subject to availability.

Bouncy castles are not only great fun to use, there's other benefits such as stress relief and they also provide a great workout from hours of bouncing and playing.

You can be sure that you will only receive a clean, safe and sanitised inflatable product from SJ's Leisure. For more information on our COVID safe cleaning procedures, please view our previous news article here.

What to consider before booking your indoor bouncy castle?

Before making a confirmed booking of an indoor bouncy castle there are a couple of things that you should first check and consider to ensure that your hire can go ahead and safely.

  • Is the potential set up area large enough?
  • Is the ceiling height tall enough?
  • How close is the nearest power source i.e. plug socket
  • Set up surface
  • Noise
  • Electric cost

Making sure that your potential set up surface is large enough is probably the most important point to consider and check prior to making your booking.

All inflatables listed on our website have the relevant sizing information noted on the product listing under the 'size' tab as shown below.

A screenshot showing part of the SJ's Leisure websiteq

There should be a clear space surrounding the inflatable of 1.8m on all sides.

It's important to ensure that the blower tube is straight and not obstructed by nearby objects.

Ceiling height is a factor to consider. Please ensure that there is ample excess height available in your set up room to ensure that the bouncy castle can completely inflate to it's full height.

A nearby power source is important when choosing your set up area. We recommend using a nearby source as this prevents trailing cables and reduces the risk of any person tripping over a power cable.

On some set up surfaces such as marble floors, the surface may be naturally slippy so it's important to ensure that the area stays dry and clear and that users don't eat and drink in the area to ensure that there's no risk of injury to users. Users should also be aware of the risk of the naturally slippy floor and constant adult supervision is required as is always the case with any of our hire products. With all of our bookings, we provide safe play instructions by email which we feel sets us apart from other companies in our industry so rest assured you will be provided with all the information needed for your children to have safe, fun exercise.

All inflatables require an electric fan to continually run throughout use to pump up and keep the inflatable at the correct pressure. All of our inflatables currently in stock are continuous air flow inflatables which means that they are constantly powered by a fan whilst the inflatable, by design, 'leaks' air through the seams to ensure that the inflatable stays at the correct pressure. This is why when hiring a commercial continuous air flow inflatable bouncy castle you will feel a small amount of air escaping from the seams. This is normal and not something to be concerned about. An electric fan will also cause some noise so we recommend choosing a suitable area where this isn't an issue for you.

Electric fans will on average cost around 21p an hour to run.

How to book an indoor bouncy castle?

Making a booking with SJ's Leisure has never been easier!

We've invested heavily into our online presence over recent years including our fantastic, easy to use booking website. Our customers provide fantastic feedback regarding our website and the ease of the booking process. Below is a short YouTube video which documents the booking procedure.


I think we've answered a lot of questions you may have regarding the hire of an indoor bouncy castle for your home but if you have any further queries about this topic or any of our hire products or services, please don't hesitate to contact us by email or telephone. If you're unsure whether we offer our hire products and services in your area, please check out delivery areas page or the postcode checker on our homepage.

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