16 January 21 - Can you hire a bouncy castle during lockdown and other FAQ's

With ever changing rules and regulations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, we are regularly asked by customers whether they are able to hire inflatable and fun products during local and national lockdowns. We’ll address this topic in this news article along with a couple of other standard FAQs.

Don’t forget you can find our standard FAQs on our website, here.

Can I hire a bouncy castle during lockdown?

Since March 2020 and the introduction of COVID-19 regulations, there has been no rule or regulation preventing our company from providing inflatable and fun products.

As a professional hire company we took the precautionary move at the start of the pandemic to close for 12 weeks as there wasn’t clear guidance immediately available.

As the infection rates began to rise around the start of March, we contacted organisations such as the Health and Safety Executive, Trading Standards, local MPs, Public Health departments amongst others and the initial response was universal that these organisations were also reviewing guidance and that we were safe to continue albeit with more regimental cleaning practices i.e. regular hand washing etc.

Following the UK Government issuing ‘Stay At Home’ guidance, we again asked for clarity from the organisations previously mentioned but as to be expected, these organisations were inundated with requests from industries up and down the country alongside their regular workload and issues they themselves faced from COVID-19 and adjusting their working practices, working from home etc. We took the decision to close temporarily until further, clearer guidance was issued. We then decided to re-open approximately 12 weeks later when we received this.

The rules and regulations remain the same currently. We have introduced updates to our T’s and C’s which were effective immediately upon our re-opening and these T’s and C’s can be found here.

In short, bouncy castles and other inflatable and fun products are able to be hired and used during local and national lockdowns currently*. However, there are a few more safety steps we need to ensure can be adhered to.

*In such unprecedented times, rules and regulations are constantly under review in all industries.

There may come a time or period where we are unable to provide our hire products or services. In these circumstances, customers will be contacted as soon as possible to discuss the situation and their options.

Remember, all booking fee payments are stored securely and available to use for rearranged events if your booking has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Can bouncy castles be used in the rain?

A regular question that we are asked given the Great British weather!

There are no rules regarding bouncy castle and inflatable usage in wet weather conditions, however, it’s important to keep all users safe whilst enjoying the inflatable. For this reason, we recommend that customers leave inflatables switched on and inflated during heavy rain but not used. In light rain conditions, we recommend that customers towel dry the inflatable prior to allowing use of the product.

Did you know the main weather safety risk for inflatables was high wind speeds?

The maximum speed in which inflatables shall be used outdoors is 38km/h (Force 5 on the Beaufort scale). This includes wind gust speeds as well as general wind speed. Wind gusts are one off winds which can strike at any time.

Can I hire a bouncy castle on common / public land or in a public park?

Another question we are regularly asked. This is only possible with advance written permission from the land owner. For events and hires that are planned to take place on common / public land or in a public park, we ask all customers to provide advance written permission at least one week prior to their hire taking place.

We must state that failure to provide this written permission would result in the cancellation of the booking and the booking would be subject to our cancellation terms which can be found here.

Thanks for reading..

Hopefully we’ve answered a couple of questions you may have had regarding the above topics.

If you have any further queries regarding any of our hire products or services, please contact our friendly office team by email or telephone for more information.

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