29 January 22 - 2022 Update

Hi everyone! 😊

A very belated happy new year to all customers and viewers of this past.

As a team here at SJ's Leisure we are back into the swing of event planning, creation and completion.

2021 was a year with challenges, just like 2020, but one that we thoroughly enjoyed as it showed life returning to a more normal state similar to 2019 and earlier. It was fantastic to revisit previous clients especially clients such as schools, colleges, corporate organisations amongst others who were not able to host events due to the impact of CV-19 both as a disease and what it created i.e. restrictions.

What's new for 2022?

So moving forward in 2022, we've recruited two more members of staff - Paige and Antonia. Paige and Antonia are head of our event creation covering all manner of venue dressing services. Already we've had superb feedback from clients who have chosen the ladies to create their special event. From creating a 'haunted mansion' at a local party venue to supplying the essentials for wedding receptions in the North West.

Check out their work on the following Facebook pages (click the photos for a follow through link).

As always, we'll be adding new lines of products and services to our portfolio throughout 2022. Already we have new products that have arrived at HQ with others on order either at the design stage or undergoing manufacture.

We're especially excited about a new range of pastel coloured indoor inflatables which are currently at the design stage and should be arriving in stock before the Summer.

Important event dates..

Looking at the calendar for 2022, we've created an article which lists and details what we feel will be the most popular hire and event dates for the year.

These event dates range from school holidays to major sporting events, national holidays and more.

To view these dates, please click here.

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