09 October 23 - Innovative Brand Activation event products to Captivate Your Audience

Date: 9th October 2023

By Ian, SJ's Leisure

In a world filled with marketing noise, standing out and leaving a lasting impression on your audience is more critical than ever. This is where brand activation events come into play. They offer a unique opportunity to connect with your target audience on a personal level, leaving a lasting brand impression. In this article, we explore some innovative brand activation event products that we stock which would help you make a memorable impact.


Photobooths are a great product and tool for brand activation events. We stock these products in an oval style booth where up to 6 users can access the booth at any one time and have their snap taken or the super magic mirror which is more open and can capture more users. The print outs can be customised in advance of the event to display information such as business web address, specific event artwork, QR codes etc or alternatively images can be uploaded to an online gallery, sent as a link within an SMS / WhatsApp message and much more.

The below image shows a simple custom photobooth print design for Wigan and Leigh College using the Wigan and Leigh College Logo. We can have our in-house team design your custom artwork based on your requirements or we can supply you with the dimensions and you can have the artwork designed and sent to us in PNG form.

Requires just 1 wall mains socket (13amp).

This image shows a custom photobooth print for Wigan and Leigh College

Arcade Dance Machine

The arcade dance machine is another fantastic product which can be enjoyed by up to two users at any one time.

The machine is very customisable and can be branded in many ways such as the machine and / or dance mats. The dance machine tracks can also be tailored for each event i.e. if the event is for a particular occasion such as Christmas, the machine can be programmed to only allow Christmas songs to be chosen.

This product is always a real crowd pleaser and will drag people over at an event and participation levels are always high.

Requires just 1 wall mains socket (13amp).

This image shows a custom branded arcade dance machine

Tabletop Whack-A-Mole

Another super fun game which won't take up a huge amount of space at an event and only requires 1 wall mains socket (13amp).

This game is very customisable and can feature branded panels to make up the product structure which is a great advertising strategy at an event. There's also an LED strip which is a great feature to draw attention.

The game is simple to understand and is played 1 v 1 and a leaderboard can be hired to keep track of users scores throughout the event.

This image shows the table top whack a mole on hire at an exhibition in Liverpool

The Vault

A really fun game this one and a favourite of our customers. The Vault is really cool and customisable and another easy to follow but fun game to play.

Users must press the button at the right time to land within the red LED section to unlock a section of 'the vault', five stops within the red section will unlock the vault. The game has various levels of difficulty.

This game is also very customisable and can have a branded table skirt and top game board.

Requires just 1 wall mains socket (13amp).

This image shows the vault electronic game available to hire from SJ's Leisure\

Other fantastic exhibition ready games include tap the app challenge game, prize crane claw grab machine, plinko, play back.

Here at SJ's Leisure, we deliver our products to a large delivery area within the North West. Check out our delivery areas page for further information on the delivery locations we service.

For more information on our range brand activation products or any of our hire products and services, please contact our friendly office team today by email or telephone.

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