27 February 24 - What to consider when organising a Summer Fun Day event

Planning a Celebration Event? Here Are Essential Tips Before Booking Inflatable Fun!


As the excitement builds for your upcoming celebration event at your school, college, nursery, or university, it's crucial to ensure every aspect is planned to perfection. One key element that can elevate the fun and excitement factor is incorporating inflatable and fun products. From bouncy castles to obstacle courses, these attractions can turn an ordinary event into an unforgettable experience. However, before you dive into booking, here are some essential tips to consider:

Area Selection

The first step in planning your celebration event is choosing the right set up area. Ensure the area you select has ample space to accommodate the inflatable and fun products comfortably. Consider factors such as accessibility, surface type (hard suface, real grass, artificial grass), and cable management (where power will be supplied from and the route the cable(s) will need to run to reach the set up area). Indoor sports halls, playgrounds (for certain products such as non inflatable games and activities like mini golf courses), or spacious outdoor areas such as school fields are ideal choices.

Bouncy castles set up a school in Rainhill, Merseyside

Safety Measures

Safety should always be a top priority when hiring inflatable and fun products. Verify that the hire company adheres to safety standards and regulations. Inflatables should be properly anchored, and staff should be experienced and competent in safely setting up and packing down equipment. The hire company should also be able to provide detailed safe use instructions as well as risk assessments and method statements. Additionally, ensure that the company carries liability insurance to protect against any unforeseen incidents. All of the above would be considered best practice by the health and safety executive.

Helter Skelter slide set up at an event in Runcorn, Cheshire

Age-Appropriate Activities

Tailor the selection of products to the age group of your attendees. While older students may enjoy challenging obstacle courses or interactive games, younger children might prefer gentler options like inflatable slides or bouncy castles. Offering a variety of activities ensures that everyone has a fantastic time.

Weather Contingency Plans

Mother Nature can be unpredictable, so it's essential to have a contingency plan in case of inclement weather. If your event is planned for outdoors, consider an inclement weather plan of whether the event would need to be postponed or moved indoors should poor weather arise. The main safety risk for inflatables outdoors is high wind speeds (including wind gusts). All inflatables should not be inflated and used in wind speeds exceeding 24mph.

Inflatable obstacle course set up in a school hall due to inclement weather

Booking in Advance

Our inflatable and fun products are popular choices for celebration events, especially during peak months (May - September). To avoid disappointment, book your events well in advance. This ensures that you have access to the best selection of products and can secure your preferred date and time slot. We would recommend booking as early as possible, we have previously filled our booking diary three months in advance!

It's so easy to make your booking online with SJ's Leisure, check out the YouTube video below to see how.


Incorporating inflatable and fun products into your celebration event can add an extra layer of excitement and entertainment. By considering these essential tips before booking, you can ensure a smooth and successful event that will be remembered for years to come. Remember to plan ahead, prioritise safety, and tailor activities to suit your audience, and you'll be well on your way to hosting an unforgettable celebration!

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